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Seaboard Foods

PrairieFresh® Premium Pork is a product of Seaboard Foods and comes fresh to you from farms located throughout the rolling prairies of the Southwest and Upper Midwest.

PrairieFresh Premium Pork

PrairieFresh Premium Pork controls the entire pork production process from raising animals on local farms to making proprietary animal feeds to food safety in state-of-the-art processing plants.

USDA Choice Beef

When buying beef, consumers should look for the USDA shield on the meat package, which denotes that the cuts have been graded by a USDA inspector. USDA Choice Beef is the most prevalent fine-quality consumer beef and G&W is proud to offer the excellent taste and texture of this high quality beef to our customers.

Springer Mountain Chicken

Springer Mountain Farms is a family owned business that has been raising chickens for over 40 years. Springer Mountain chickens are raised on a vegetarian diet without the use of antibiotics, and their living conditions give them the space to express normal behavior. The result is a healthier and better tasting chicken for you.

Aunt Minnie’s Brands

Aunt Minnie’s is G&Ws exclusive brand for our fresh, made-in-store products. Try our exceptional fried chicken, fried fish, pot pies, fresh salads and homemade cookies. Made from scratch taste, quality food and great prices reflect G&W’s commitment to our customers.

Natural and Organic Foods

The health and environmental benefits of eating natural and organic foods are immense. G&W’s commitment to both of these is an important part of what we stand for. Every G&W market has a natural and organic food selection to help achieve a healthier you and a healthier earth.

We provide only fresh and tasty products

We are proud to offer the very best in beef, pork and garden fresh fruits & vegetables. If you are looking for dairy specials, frozen favorites, deli delights or bakery specials, you just as well get the best!